Sweet Krissy

First Impressions

Krissy is a 19 year old hottie living in British Columbia, Canada and making a living posing nude on the web. She has a huge rack and an exceptionally sexy body to go along with it. Sometimes the two don’t go together, but in this case they work hand in hand to give you a pleasurable adult experience. Krissy is exceptionally generous in her free preview, giving away several full size pictures that offer a glimpse at the action inside. She’s a topless model only, but with breasts like that you won’t find yourself wishing for anything else.

Hot Promises

There’s a list of the most recent updates on the free tour and it shows that Krissy is still working on her site regularly, including weekly webcam shows that she archives in case you missed one. She has picture galleries and video clips in the member’s area as well as wallpapers and other bonus content. There are previews of the latest content sets on the tour and a list of the 10 bonus sites that come with your membership. This looks like a fully stocked solo babe site and I’m looking forward to getting a closer look.


The member’s area of SweetKrissy is as crisply designed as any solo babe site I’ve ever seen. At the top of the page the various content sections are listed in what looks like tabbed folders. It’s a great way of delineating the content and very easy to use. The body of the page features a list of the latest updates along with pictures from the picture and video additions. There are also a bunch of advertisements and links to the 10 bonus sites.

There’s a ton of content to see at SweetKrissy so you should clear out your schedule. My first visit was to the picture galleries, where I discovered more than 270 image sets waiting to be browsed. Having seen a great many solo babe sites in my time reviewing sites I can say with certainty that 270 is a huge number. Krissy continually updates her site as well, so that number is only going to grow further. The full sized images in each gallery can be viewed in a medium or high resolution. You can also use the slideshow feature if you prefer to sit back and relax while the images roll by. Krissy is a topless model only, although there are plenty of shots where the only thing covering her pussy is a slim finger.

Although Krissy is fairly youthful her huge breasts make it difficult to portray herself as a teen babe. So instead of pursuing that image doggedly she embraced her inner sexpot. As such her image galleries feature all kinds of outfits from her lingerie closet. I’ve spent an awful lot of time at Krissy’s site because of that. I’m simply entranced by her body, which seems like an impossibility. Her breasts are enormous and yet her stomach and ass are slim and sexy. Almost everything she poses in is designed to accentuate that fact. She’s embraced it even more in the most recent 50 galleries or so.

In fact, my favorite two galleries of Krissy’s are the latest two added (as of July 14, 2007). In the first she’s posing in a pink satin corset and thong panty. The lingerie is slimming, but at the same time her breasts are popping out over the top of it. I also like that she has her hair in pigtails, adding a youthful naughtiness to the proceedings. The other gallery features Krissy posing in a pink and black lace dress that’s skin tight. Once again she looks busty as hell and slim and sexy everywhere else. In the end she gets naked and we see her lovely breasts.

Although they don’t number as greatly as her picture galleries Krissy has provided more than 100 video clips for her members. Sadly, until recently the videos were available only in 320x240. The most recent clips have been made available in 640x480, but there are so few at this point that they won’t take up more than 30 minutes of your time. Despite the low resolution the old video clips are still worth downloading due to the content. Quite simply, they’re the only place you’re going to see Krissy live and that’s an experience you don’t want to miss.

I just downloaded a video of Krissy receiving a spanking while wearing a pair of assless latex pants and a latex halter top. Frankly, it doesn’t get much better than that. However, there are some junk videos in here. This may be a personal thing for me, but I hate it when solo models film their photo shoots and pass them off as original content. To me, there’s nothing interesting about watching a model stand still for five seconds while her photographer takes a picture and then doing it all over again in a different pose. Repeat that 200 times and you have a video, although not an entertaining one. There are too many of these at SweetKrissy, but there are enough that fall outside of this style to make up for it.

The thing that makes up for those trangressions is the webcam shows. Krissy only started doing them recently, but she already has a small backlog of more than 20 that you can download. Also, she does one show a week that typically lasts 30-60 minutes. If you happen to miss the show you can visit the webcam archive and download it. I’d advise that you show up for the real thing so you can chat with Krissy and see everything she does. There’s one archived show in which she poses in a black vinyl corset and plays with a dildo that’s an absolute must see.

Krissy keeps a blog that’s labeled as a journal and contains a fair amount of info. She posts about her personal life, her travels, and much more. It’s a great way to get to know her a little better. In that vein you can visit the forums and chat with other members of the site and Krissy herself. You can also exchange messages with other girls in the Spunky network. Krissy has uploaded more than 35 wallpapers featuring her beautiful body in skillfully created backgrounds. Each is available in four resolutions to accommodate all setups.

There’s one thing about SweetKrissy that I absolutely hate. There’s a link on each page to a store in which Krissy has seventeen bonus content sets that features her getting far naughtier than she does in the member’s area. In one she straps on a dildo and fucks teen babe Serena; in another she fingers herself outdoors while the camera goes up close on her pussy. In principle this sounds like a great idea, and it would have been if they had kept the prices under control. However, an average set will cost you $15.00 and some are priced at $18.00. If you were to buy them all it would cost you more than $150. For that same price you could pay for a 6 month subscription to the site. It’s nice that Krissy is willing to offer her members something extra, but the price is brutal.

On a positive note, membership to Krissy’s site comes with access to ten other quality sites. They’re all in the Spunky network and as such they all feature the same basic design and content layout. Eight of the sites star solo babes with varied looks and body builds. Some girls are super skinny teen babes while others are curvy chicks in their early 20s. There’s also a site that features two of the babes posing together and another that stars porn stars having hot sex.

Croco’s Opinion

Few solo models are as dedicated to their fans as Krissy is. She’s produced more than 270 picture galleries and 120 downloadable videos in her time on the web and she continues to work diligently. Her site is updated at least once a week, although more often than not you’ll see two updates. Add to that ten bonus sites and you’ve got a great value. If after looking through the tour you find yourself attracted to Krissy you should join up because she won’t disappoint.


The design is flawless in both accessibility and look. Browsing the picture galleries and videos is easy, although they could have provided more information on the videos.

Pricing Policy

You can join by credit card or online check. Either way it’s $24.95 for the first 30 days and $24.95 every 30 days after that.

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